No matter which continent, which country I visit. All over the world mountains command respect. Majestic peak, a little bit mysterious, often unconquered, enormous mountainsides and long-distance routes.

Sometimes I think why do I do this? Why do I get tired and sweaty hiking for hours with my heavy backpack on the back?

The answer is always the same. Not only for the picturesque view on the top and kind of satisfaction achieving the goal. But in fact, the way itself… the way that gives peace and calmness around, sense of freedom and for sure quiet the mind. Overcoming weaknesses and struggling with inner obstacles – this is the biggest satisfaction.

I did it again… and I will not give up…

Bieszczady, Poland

Tatra Mountains, Poland

Argentinan Andes, Bariloche

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Torres del Paine, Chile

Cordillera Blanca, Peru