Trinidad – one of the most visited places in Cuba. Beautiful colonial city with unique architecture, friendly atmosphere and artistic flavor with paintings galleries and pottery workshops. Famous stairs at main square always full of people – waiting for evening concert or just trying to catch internet signal. 

In our room there was a picture of a ruined house. We ask our Lady where is that? Upper Trinidad – she said – but probably no longer exists. But we decided to find it and we did – at the hills. Upper Trinidad – this is less touristic part of the city, not so colorful like downtown, many times ruined, but in fact real and therefore more interesting for me, with local people and no tourists around. 

Walking that part, we’ve met very poor people. They were asking for basic products: shampoo, soap, pens. They simply have nothing. They cannot afford to buy it in shops for tourist, which in fact are not well equipped as well. What’s more they cannot leave the island to search for better life. They live like in cage. So, if you planning to visit Cuba remember to take some basics to share! 

And around the city Valle de los Ingenios (Sugar Mills) – center of sugar production in Cuba. Old ‘hacienda’ where rum was produced. Now it’s empty and actually from this huge factory only some ruins left with its history. But still you can admire beautiful landscape view and feel a little bit of countryside flavor.