You can’t go there – police officer said – everything is closed. There is a demonstration today. It’s dangerous, it’s not safe to go out there. Hmm… Sounds like invitation 😉

Plaza de Mayo surrounded by big fence today, no way to cross. Let’s try other way then…

We went around the plaza through Calle Florida just to see what is happening from the backside… and what we found – for sure not what we’ve expected. There supposed to be demonstration here, supposed to be dangerous… Instead of that we found people gathered in small groups discussing… cultural and educational issues. Oh yes! Role of Argentinian literature, cultural actions that they could take in their districts, how to engage more people by local libraries etc. This is how demonstrations should look like! Like it!

But on the other side there is a real problem here… hyperinflation. Prices just keep on rising very quickly every year. Unfortunately, salaries don’t follow.  

For most Argentines this is normal, they just got used to it, even learnt how to cope with inflation. But there are groups – especially on province – where people live in huge poverty, deepening year by year.   

They come to Plaza de Mayo square in front of the Casa Rosada government house with their problems to manifest as well, to shout out what they struggle with on daily basis.

City of contrasts!