Art has always been my great companion, starting in my early age and staying till now.

This is my language, the way I could express myself – my emotions, thoughts, and observations.

This is the way of meditation, calm down my mind and just go with the flow. It doesn’t need any words and could mean different things to different people – depends on current feelings.





My passion, my love.

I love walking through the streets, exploring city places – sometimes forgotten and sometimes unvisited for a long time, capture everyday life, interesting sceneries and characters. Find beauty in ordinary things and give them meaning.

I love creating pictures with analog camera, black and white film inside that help me to bring out the essence and focus on what is important.

I love the process of developing pictures, spending time in the darkroom, catching the magic when the image appears at the paper.

I love experimenting with different photography techniques – classic analog cameras, modern digital ones or even built by myself pinhole camera.

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Let's connect, say
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If you want original artwork made just for you – get in touch and let me know what do you have in mind.


Transform your space with my artwork created for you.