When you think about Medellin the first thing that comes to the mind is Pablo Escobar and his narco business – especially it became so popular after recent series Narcos.
It’s been a long time since all this happened but sill it seems to be alive in the city – on one side people try to forget and live their lives, but on the other side they are just doing business on that infamous past as use it as a touristic attraction.

From the most dangerous city in the world just 25 years ago it became the most cosmopolitan and one of the fastest developing – it’s been even identified as one of the best places to live.
Chaotic old town with Botero (famous colombian artist) sculptures at main square, street artists playing guitars and singing, street vendors with almost everything, shoe shiners at almost each corner. On other side modern blocks neighborhood with high towers and expensive apartments. The only city in Colombia that has a metro (not underground but still solving communication problems a lot) and metrocable system enabling getting fast into high mountain districts.

Various districts that offer best range of good restaurants, cafeterias, places to stay and entertainment. The best ever local breakfast among local people – buñuelos (fried balls that are a symbol of good luck) in cheap bar by the main street at El Poblado district.

Medellin: full of green, tropical trees, positive people and positive energy.