Magdalena Szata I Artist & Photographer
Magdalena Szata I Artist & Photographer

Ideas are free, ideas are everywhere. We just have to catch them in the right moment.

Be open to different perspective, pay attention to what is happening around and observe the world. You never know what can appear.

I’m Magdalena Szata, artist and photographer, with open mind and endless curiosity.

Art gives me opportunity to express my emotions and visions of my soul – this is the language of my feelings, thoughts, and observations. This is the way of meditation, unwinding my mind and just let the imagination play, with fun and sense of adventure. It doesn’t need any words, any explanation and could mean different things to everyone – just fly with the art. 

My great inspiration for artwork is nature and the world around, with its patterns, different shapes, textures and concepts. I like experimenting and combining, sometimes not necessarily obvious elements, in one abstract or surreal form, working mainly with pen and India ink.

Being curious about the world I frequently travel – slowly, with no rush, no expectations – but always ready to discover something new that gives a good portion of inspiration, both for artwork and photography as well.

I love walking through the streets, exploring city places – sometimes forgotten and sometimes unvisited for a long time, capture everyday life, interesting sceneries and characters. Find beauty in ordinary things and give them a meaning.

Creating pictures with analog camera, black and white film inside that helps me to bring out the essence and focus on what is important. And then develop pictures, spend time in the darkroom, catching the magic when the image appears at the paper.

I’m passionate for yoga, mountain treks and natural lifestyle.

This is my world. Enjoy it with me!

Magdalena Szata I Artist & Photographer

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