When I explore city places, I usually look for some hidden backyards and spots that not necessary are interesting for everyone – but for me for sure. I always like to chat with people I meet and photograph – I’m usually curious about their story and the way they live.  

This time was the same. I was just walking around without any special direction, just aimless. And as usually my eye was caught by old truck full of old-style bottles. I followed the driver and suddenly I found myself in old water factory.

I wouldn’t be myself if didn’t talk with someone. And this is how I’ve met Christopher – the owner of this traditional business. He presented me his place, shared his story and even showed photos of his family – his grandpa that was a founder of this factory, his wife that came from Poland (!), and his kids that probably in future will take over that business. 

It was nice conversation, nice meeting and nice memories to share.